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The Cast
Dockers Cast

Simon Winnard
Simon Winnard -
Script Writer
Simon is the writing "Genius" behind the Dockers Podcast, from the creative days before the Elite Alpha came out, when Simon and Grant produced BS NEWS, the desire for something bigger and bolder was always there, eventually it emerged as a documentary based on the workers inside a busy space station.
Grant Woolcott
Grant Woolcott -
Audio Producer
Grant aka Psykokow, is the audio assembler of the project, although duties are often shared with writing and sound productions, the episode delays are always blamed on Grant. Grant is also involved in a number of other projects from Lave Radio to Hutton Orbital Truckers.
Iain M Norman
Iain M Norman -
The Narrator
Iain is a shy man, who spends a lot of his time in the public toilets around the UK. He has the voice of chocolate however, and this makes him ideal for the part of Narrator. He has an amazing sense of humour which he regularly brings to the role.
Colin Ford
Colin Ford -
Richard Swallow - ATC
Colin originally auditioned for the part of the narrator, but the overwhelmingly sexy Ian M Norman stole it from him, so he instead took the Lead Role, and has managed to perfectly portray the down trodden, work shy eejit with almost perfection.
Helen Lister
Helen Lister -
May Swallow - McThargoids
May is a strong independent woman, and we needed someone capable of making her likable, soft but also firm and confident. Helen was perfect for the part, putting up with her own Husband may prove to be the secret behind her exasperated performances..
Robbie Lister
Robbie Lister -
Finn Gerrin - Customs
The character Finn is a filthy pervert, always into the most obscene objectification of women. We worried that we would never find anyone remotely close to be able to meet this level of perversion. Fortunately we found Robbie and he has taken the role so much further than we are willing to legally quantify.
Ian Phillips
Ian Phillips -
Doug Kittout - Customs
Doug is a very caring member of the customs team. Always willing to work with the customers to ensure great satisfaction. Quite a love of the animals passing through. Dutiful friend to Finn and a great part of the customs tag team. Ian brings a level of kindness to this role and has really grown into a truly likable character.
Danny Busch
Danny Busch -
Hans Supp - Security
The character Hans served in many of the wars against the Imperials, of course this does not cause any conflicts in his daily working. Hans is a strong head of security and there is nothing he likes more than polishing his truncheon and bouncing the tip off the top of a troublesome Imperials head. He loves Kerrash landing.
Hober Mallow
Chris Carpenter -
Number 2 - Security
Number 2 is one of the regular extra parts that has now become a role big enough to justify a fixed cast member. Welcome Chris to the team, a long time Extra it is nice to find him a permanent place in our cast.
Keith Oss Wilkins
Keith Oss Wilkins -
David Broobin - Station Manager
David is the station manager, a calm level headed person with great management skills would probably do well in this role, however David has a short fuse, and penchant for mug launching. Keith brings the role a level of believability and sincerity that just works. There just isnt anyone else who could be David Broobin.
Jack Weaver -
Michelle Boots - PA
Michelle is the personal assistant to Mr Broobin and clearly has a huge crush on her boss. Dutiful and faithful Michelle often finds herself on the wrong side of right as David uses her to carry out his wishes. John is an amazing Michelle and had the cast in stitches in the first readthrough with one word "medicsssss".

Ben Moss Woodward
Ben Moss Woodward -
Jack Soffalot - Baggage Handler
Jack is the heavy lifter of the dockers and long time love rival to Richard. Jack vows he will one day whisk May away from Richard and show her how a real man treats his woman. Jack is also long suffering best freind of Finn. Ben brings that real brainless feel to this role of someone who has dropped one too many heavy weights on their head.
Steve Dobson -
Lou Brusche - Cleaning Services
Lou is the head of cleaning services and he runs a tight stiff upper lipped department. Very Brittish Airman attitude and a desire to get the job jolly well done well. Dobbo has really nailed this role and it always gets us a good giggle.
Sean Iswilly
Rory Scarlett -
Sean Iswilly - ATC
Sean is one of the many air traffic controllers based in the station. He is a close friend of Richard and has a tendency to exagerate his stories. A wanna be womaniser but struggles to get his flirt going. Sean has been portrayed by Rory since the first read through. Its quite a naively innocent role.
Brian Willis
Brian Willis -
Will Clampitt - Docking Enforcement
Will is a new character, who is employed as station parking attendent, its unclear how he fits in with the rest of the cast as frankly hes as popular as a real parking attendent. Can Will carry out his essential work unhindered or will he continue to incur the wrath of David for clamping his Micra 15 years ago on Birminghamworld.
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